Massage that leads to harmony .

Shiatsu is a japanese technique to relax and make the energy flows in the body's major channels of energy, called meridians.
It's primarly indicated for people who have

"It helps you in your modern life using traditional ancient techniques" (Gyu Ji)

Why Massage?

Pain is a symptom that was created by nature as a warning bell. It makes sense to investigate it and if possible, remove the cause.
Tension in your body generates inefficient posture or emotional holding. The result of this tension is usually pain or stiffness in muscles. Your body/mind copes with the physical/emotional pain by anesthetizing itself -- replacing the discomfort with numbness. This pattern of pain followed by numbness allows injury and disease to escalate unchecked.
Regular massage can break the cycle, end the pain and numbness, and show you where you are holding. With this awareness you can learn to carry your body differently and relax your sensitive areas with breathing, posture changes, stretching, etc. before they get painfully tense.



In most cases, Shiatsu is received on the floor with the client comfortably lying on a futon or on a massage table, undressed to their comfort level and modestly draped.
After a good shiatsu-treatment you should always feel peaceful and alert.

Classic Shiatsu
..this type of Shiatsu-Massage is very relaxing and great for balancing muscle tone.
There are many sub-techniques of Classic Shiatsu which are applied depending on the purpose of the treatment.

Deep Shiatsu an effective combination of stretches and compression which is great for releasing muscle spasms, pain relief and balancing muscle tone. Often it's directly done at areas where bracings are located. The result is a 'plus' of life energy and really relaxed mood...

Tantric Shiatsu and Jen Shen Do
2 techniques, at which I'm only working with very soft squeeze and under special consideration of the energy channels of the body. Especially suitable to sensible and sensitive people.

"Shiatsu in water" .. you'll be treated, softly moved and squeezed in lukewarm water, where you'll experience weightlessness and devotion, because Watsu will nourish your soal and allows you to slide in a state of deep meditation .. many people told me that even some days after a Watsu-treatment they could still enjoy the warm stream of increased strength they gained from the water !

(Photos by Knud Dobberke)

What supports the positive effects of Shiatsu ?

Meditation is a very good support for the work your Shiatsu masseur did on you:

Yoga also helps to hold the changes and relaxations you gained through you Shiatsu session:
Yoga literally means union. If one is not properly integrated and balanced on the physical and mental level, one will not be able to cope with stress. The result is restlessness and conflict in the mind and disharmony in all functions.
The practice of asansas, pranayama and relaxation brings tranquility of mind, which is the main key in management of stress disorders.

Session Information

I'm a certified Shiatsu-Practitioner by the official Austrian Shiatsu Organization.

The price of a Shiatsu- or Watsu-session depends on it's duration (which may be different for several indications and will be discussed preliminarily). You can calculate with € 30 - 35,- for ½ hrs of Shiatsu. Home office sessions (or home visits) are available by appointment Monday through Sunday 10am to 7pm in the 02. and 06. district, optional in your home, too (travel time is added to price).
Call me at +43-(0)676-7209300.
Gift Certificates available!

I give massages because I love helping people feel better living in their bodies -
Think about the pleasant pressure of 2 well-trained hands ...

Qualified Practitioner des Österr. Dachverbandes für Shiatsu

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